I've been needing new tires & got them yesterday... just in time for a nice lil snow storm. It dumped depending on where you are in Mipple City 5 to 9 inches (10-20cm) of snow, what's worse is I'm now plowed in where I park. Bother! Oh BTW <lj user="autopope"> it's -10ºc and really very nice outside, I expect to be rather warm afters I get unstuck.

I thought very hard last night on the MinStf today. There are people I'd like to see but still that dog got woke & I DO value things enough not to inflict them on them that don't. Bother!

The "What's for Dinner, Tony?" show got stuck last night with a homemade pizza, the Horror of HAVING to eat like that. Anyway I have to get to the meat market I go to, beef tenderloin @ 4.99 a pound already pealed today only. I think I'll get 10# and freeze 9 in 8oz portions.

PS: My friend over at said this “I plan on doing darned near nothing this weekend.”, I concur.

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